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I spent 19 years in Israel. I spent 19 years in Israel between 1987 and 2006. My journey in Israel was sandwiched between the first ‘Intifada’ and the 2006 Lebanon war. I worked on tourism related projects with both Israelis and Palestinians as well as providing services to NGO’s. I also edited and published an English Language tourist / satirical newspaper designed for non-residents that was distributed nationally and was printed at the offices of the Palestinian Al-Ayam newspaper. In September 2000 I was there on the ground, in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jericho and Nablus, as the entire process collapsed in violence.

At a time in 2000 when the Jericho Casino could not find anywhere in Israel through which to advertise, I was eager to offer my paper as an outlet. We struck a lucrative deal, one I was overjoyed to close, only to see the Casino bombed before the first issue of the ad was published. I sat on the beach and heard the explosion that hit the disco at the Dolphinarium, was walking towards Allenby St as Café Bialik was hit and was watching Crocodile Dundee 2 on Israeli TV when the newsflash came to say Rabin had been shot just a few hundred meters from were I was. A few years before that, I had sat with a gas mask on, alone, and not speaking the language, as Saddam tried pot luck with his Scud missiles. During the second Intifada, I would still cross into Palestinian areas, British passport in hand, as I refused to let go of the contacts I had made.

I have spent much of the last few years undercover, within pro-Palestinian movements. Today I research and provide commentary on the conflict, specialising in the anti-Zionist revisionist narrative and the rise of a new antisemitism in the West.



I have been writing for more than two decades and have written for numerous media outlets, in the UK, in the US and in Israel. As my style is to work undercover and report on extremist behaviour or antisemitism in political circles, the articles in my blog are monitored by mainstream media and frequently picked up for major news stories. The Gerald Kaufman 'Jewish money' comment and the events that led to the Jenny Tonge resignation, were both stories that originated on my site.

I have written for The Tower Magazine and The Tablet Magazine in the United States. My articles have also appeared in Jewish News, Jewish Chronicle, Arutz Sheva, Times of Israel and various other newspaper outlets. My blogs have been reposted on hundreds of websites across the globe.

My areas of expertise for articles are in depth analysis of the Israeli political environment, the history of the conflict and current anti-ZIonist forces across the globe. I can unravel Israel's complex and confusing political system. I am also an expert on the Boycott Sanctions Divestment movement. My style tends to lean towards long-form, with a preference for deep research and analysis on any given topic. I have many sources, both in Israel and within the Palestinian community, and have excellent contacts with most anti-Israel movements in Europe and the US.

I am currently completing my first book on the Israel / Arab conflict titled 'The Two Stage Solution' which is due for publication mid 2017. A handbook on BDS is due for release in spring 2017. I operate on a freelance basis and can be contacted using any of the contact links on this site.



I am available for speaking engagements on the Israel /Arab conflict. I have delivered presentations on the history of the conflict, or or more specific topics such as Israel's political system, the current Palestinian divisions, the peace process, the British Mandate, the 1948 war, the Six Day war, current anti-Zionist forces and more. I can also discuss antisemitism, and compare and contrast antisemitism with anti-Zionism, pointing out when and how they are different, but more importantly, when and how they can be the same.

I am also open to panel discussions or debates on all matters connected to the Israel / Arab conflict. I will debate against the pro-boycott argument and dismantle it, highlighting that its central pillar of 'no to normalisation' is a warmongering paradigm that demotivates both sides in the search for peace. BDS is often badly misunderstood in Zionist circles and it is important to place the 'idea' into historical and contemporary context.

I have special presentations that deal with the revisionist narrative and how to counter it. I provide short courses that enable students on campus to recognise the tricks used by BDS activists, identify and understand how the revisionist narrative is constructed, and how to avoid falling down one of the many 'rabbit holes' set up to deflect attention away from the core problems of the dispute. Learning how to face the hatred is an important part of the message I deliver. When to speak and when not to.

I can and will travel for events. I do try to create availability, especially to assist university or school students. Contact me for more details. I can provide bespoke courses, presentations if required.


New book - 'The two stage solution'

The current deadlock on the Israel / Palestine question was the inevitable end of a process doomed to failure from the outset. This book looks at the difficulty of bridging the divide and uses the complex history of the conflict, to show how to break through the impasse.

This book draws on a deep understanding of the Oslo process, years of intense research that reaches back to the beginning of the mandate period and conclusions reached from two years undercover in the anti-Zionist camp. This book highlights why the Palestinians are not currently capable of making peace, and is scheduled for publication in May 2017.


Twenty one questions and answers on BDS

Boycott Divestment and Sanctions. A movement started in 2005 that seeks to engage global humanitarian organisations in support for the Palestinian cause. But what is BDS? What are its aims? How does it operate? Can it actually bring peace? Or is it just another part of the Arab war machine?

The author spent two years inside the BDS camp. Going to BDS events, listening to the messages and talking to the BDS activists. This handbook, that focuses on answering the main questions people ask about BDS, is the result of that research.

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My Services

Writing or speaking about the conflict, anti-Zionism or antisemitism
Training in how to face the hatred and fight the demonisation.
Helping students counter the false narrative.


Fight BDS

Understand the three aims of BDS, and analyse the underlying message. Learn about the method of delivery, the way they train activists and how the movement networks. Finally, gain the skills to counter the lies.


Identify antisemitism

Anti-Zionism = antisemitism, or not? Understand the lines between them, how to tell the difference and how to tell when they are the same.



Face the Hatred

How to stand up to the false narrative. When to speak, when not to, how to make the best of the opportunities as they arise. I spent much time undercover .


Know your enemy

How do LGBT activists, radical Islamists, communists and right wing fascists stand on the same platform.Understanding the enemy.



Conflicting Narratives

If a solution to the Israel / Arab conflict were easy, the matter would have solved itself decades ago. From arguments over Balfour, to events that occurred during the period of the British Mandate, every suggestion, every occurrence is disputed. Riots occurred in 1920 and 1921, massacres in 1929, long before a single settlement existed beyond the Green Line. Why was there no Palestinian State created between 1949 and 1967?

1948, the year of Nakaba or the year of independence. Can both narratives exist in a single time line. What is a narrative anyway, and how does it differ from the truth? The Arab rejection of partition is documented, so too the invasion into British Palestine of Arab irregulars in early 1948. So what was Plan Dalet, a sinister pre-meditated act of ethnic cleansing, or a military strategy designed to maintain supply lines? Why are there still refugees? Are they refugees at all?

Understanding the narrative based disputes of the conflict.


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